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The Red Lea Hotel is situated within leisurely proximity of many of its main attractions and events.

Sport, music, dance, food, art – you name it, and Scarborough probably has a festival or event for it. The town is famous for one of the longest-running sports festivals anywhere in the world – the annual Cricket Festival, which takes place in August and brings crickets-lovers from all over the world. Scarborough is also a hub for motorcycling fans, with the internationally famous Oliver’s Mount circuit hosting events throughout the year, including the Barry Sheene Road Race Festival. And in recent years, the town has become a must-visit for jazz-lovers, with September’s festival headlined by global stars such as Courtney Pine and Nigel Kennedy. 

Some of the Key Events in Scarborough 2018:

Scarborough Art Gallery events throughout the year.

Stephen Joseph Theatre - events throughout the year.

Scarborough Spa - events throughout the year.

Scarborough Jazz Festival - Saturday 28th to Sunday 30th September

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