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The Red Lea Hotel is situated within leisurely proximity of many of its main attractions and events.

Sport, music, dance, food, art – you name it, and Scarborough probably has a festival or event for it.

The town is famous for one of the longest-running sports festivals anywhere in the world – the annual Cricket Festival, which takes place in August and brings crickets-lovers from all over the world.

In recent years, the town has become a must-visit for jazz-lovers, with September’s festival headlined by global stars such as Courtney Pine and Nigel Kennedy. 

There are also interesting events such as the Goldwing Parade (September), Scarborough Food & Drink Festival (May) and Armed Forces Day (June).

Some of the Key Events in Scarborough 2018:

Scarborough Art Gallery events throughout the year.

Stephen Joseph Theatre - events throughout the year.

Scarborough Spa - events throughout the year.

Scarborough Jazz Festival - Saturday 28th to Sunday 30th September

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